RP620-R1M – QTC Washer Assembly Units
| Motorized Die Match & Electronic Starter Unit

PorterUnitsPorter units – for the automatic loading of washers into the vibratory feeder, making the threader a truely independent production line.

QToolChangerThe New Quick Tool Change Washer Assembly Unit is designed for a wide range of washer shapes and sizes and available as single or double systems on all Ingramatic thread rolling machine models.

ElectricHandwheelElectronic handwheel for all machine adjustments: die match – rails – starter unit – slow motion jogging; eliminating the use of hand tools.Double Starter unit with servomotor computerized controls.

ComputerizedSMComputerized Servomotor Control for the die match with hydraulic clamping of the drive unit. Hydrostatic guide system for rolling high tensile strength and after heat treated blanks to very precise and repeatable dimensions.

ElecCenConSysThe Electronic sensor control system ensures there is a washer present on every screw and bolt sent to the thread rolling dies. Blanks without washers continue circulating in the assembly unit until they are properly assembled.

rejectionRejection System connected to the load monitor to reject the n.c. parts for compete separation from good parts. Monitor includes integrated Die Match Control for improved thread quality and tool life.

Sacma Group introduces its new I-Thread concept high speed thread and profile rolling machines for the fastener industry with the New QTC Washer Assembly Unit. The Ingramatic R&D Department developed exclusive systems including a new computerized Double Starter unit and Motorized Die Match adjustments for increased product accuracy and reduced setup time. The new QTC Washer Assembly Unit allows the tools to be assembled outside the machine, saving setup and changeover time. It is available on all Ingramatic models as a Single Unit or with Double Units for parts requiring two washers. For maximum versatility, the QTC Washer Assembly Unit can be quickly lowered out of the way and by-passed with optional feeding rails for running blanks without washers. The I-Thread models are available in 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 die sizes.


Randy Loomis
John Gates

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