Angor Material Handling

ANGOR MATERIAL HANDLING prides itself on manufacturing material handling equipment designed around the needs of its customers. Their conveyors are ideal for handling a variety of different parts including fastener, stampings, scrap, metalworking and much more.

Over the past two decades, Angor, Inc. has been providing custom-designed conveyors to customers throughout the United States and Canada. Their manufacturing facility is located in Johnson City, TN. where they have a fully staffed engineering department utilizing Autocad 2000LT.

Angor serves many industries including: fastener manufacturing, scrap handling, stamping, and metal working. So whether you are conveying parts or handling scrap, Angor’s technical background and experience in the industry can provide your company with the best conveyor for your application. When quality and experience matter, you can depend on Angor.



Standard Duty Coveyors – 3/4″ Pitch

Angor’s Standard Duty (SD) conveyors provide customers with a durable solution for conveying smaller parts. The compact infeed height also enables integration to many applications with space constraints.

  • 3/4″ pitch design
  • Profile as low as 4″
  • 3/16″ thick laser-cut sidewalls
  • UHMW Polyethylene runners outwear abrasion-resistant steel 3 to 1
  • Reliable, maintenance-free runner system
  • Top, right and left motor mounts available

SD Belts

  • All components of our hollow-pin chain are hardened to a minimum of 60Rc
  • 16 gauge hinge thickness
  • 1″ cleats standard, optional styles and sizes available
  • Perforation available upon request
  • Pimpled belt surface resists water due to impact and reduces hydraulic adhesion of small parts

Angor’s innovative magnetic design is the answer for the problematic materials that wear or jam a conventional belt. Permanently charged, high-strength magnets are enclosed inside the conveyor and transport ferrous material along the stainless steel slider sheet. With no places for fine points to jam or wedge, our magnetic conveyors will provide years of dependable, uninterrupted service.

  • All moving parts are totally enclosed
  • Durable 16 Gauge stainless steel slider sheets
  • Ceramic Grade 8 magnets provide 1500-1800 gauss
  • Rare Earth Magnets are also available for heavier parts
  • Automatic spring-loaded tension station
  • UHMW Poyethylene runners provide continuous chain lubrication
  • Supplemental oil ports allow additional lubrication
  • Impact settes at infeed minimize wear
  • Various centers for magnetic bars, 12′ standard
  • Quality built for maintenance-free conveying
  • Pre-lubed RC-60 chain to reduce stretching

  • Rugges, heavy gauge construction
  • Handles many different sizes of parts
  • Low mounted motor and gear for easy maintenance
  • Totally enclosed railing for good part transfer

Heavy Duty Conveyors – 2″ Pitch

Angor’s Heavy Duty (HD) conveyors utilize a heavier die-formed hinge belt capable of transporting larger heavier parts.

  • 2″ pitch design
  • Custom-designed
  • 1/4″ thick laser-cut side walls
  • Capable of handling oily, dry, or hot materials
  • Top, bottom, right and left motor mounts available
  • Lubrication points easily accessible

HD Belts

  • Oversized hardened roller chain absorbs all the driving forces, with a pull strength over 20,000 lbs
  • 11 gauge hinge thickness
  • Interlocking setback side plates minimize the gap of hinge to side plate
  • Pimpled belt surface
  • Perforation available upon request
  • Belt width in 2″ increments
  • 1″ cleats standard, optional styles and sizes available

  • 200 degrees F heated solution insures clean, dry parts
  • Fully adjustable washing and drying time
  • Vibratory hopper allows for part inspection, work in process, and eliminates the need for secondary loader
  • System can be designed for any combination of machines
Angor Dumpers are ideal for material handling situations where a large amount of parts must be fed into a manufacturing process either gradually or all at once. This reduces the need for extra personnel and keeps workers away from unsafe or extremely strenuous situations.
Drip Cover
Oil Pan
Inspection Bin
Dripless Inspection Bin

Step-on Infeed Cover
Riser Cover (opt. smoke stack)
Proximity Limit Switch
Paddle Limit Switch
Variable Speed
Lexan Riser Covers
Overload Protector
Vibratory Hoppers
Inspection Light
Inspection Magnifying Glass
Custom Paint
Deflector Shield
Adjustable Legs
Urethane Bearings
Plastic Belt
Automatic Shut-off

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