Whether it’s helping you find New or Used Machinery, Loomis offers a multitude of services.  From complex progressive dies to the design of a single tooling component, our engineers and toolmakers work as a team to find the best solutions.  We provide the highest standards to quality, performance and responsibility to our customers needs. Our experience and know-how has developed from extensive years of servicing our widely diverse customer base.

National Header Die

NHD designs and builds tooling and machined components for the fastner, aerospace, medical, ammunition and automotive industries, along with other related markets needing steel and carbide tooling.

Armor Coated Technologies

Prevent wear and tear – increase the life of your tools. ACT offers personalized services for customers including: Ultrasonic Cleaning, Media Blasting, Steam Cleaning, and PVD-Coating Stripping.


TORX PLUS® has longer tool life and optimal torque transfer have enhances product reliability, increases productivity, and reduces total assembly costs on assembly lines in a multitude of industries.

Reminc® / Taptite®

NHD manufactures a full array of Reminc®/Taptite® tooling at the highest quality and precision in the industry. Loomis International also sells Reminc®/Taptite® dies for Kadimi.


Loomis International offers high quality EJOT® dies through Kadimi Thread Rolling Dies. We have hundreds of pairs of Kadimi Dies on our shelves monthly!


Loomis International stocks and sells MAThread® dies manufactured by Kadimi Thread Rolling Dies.These dies are made with quality material that will provide great returns.